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Lock's Quest Giveaway!

The giveaway events just seem to keep coming on MGP and today we have a chance for you all to win Lock's Quest with two Xbox One keys to giveaway! One...

Bit Dungeon Plus Review

Bit Dungeon Plus is a new rogue-like dungeon crawler from Delores Entertainment that recently debuted on the Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program....

Tango Fiesta Review

Tango Fiesta is a twin-stick shoot ‘em up from Spilt Milk Studios and Merge Games that’s a crazy romp through the action movies of the 80s. Making...

Tango Fiesta Giveaway! *Updated*

For our second giveaway of the day we have the game Tango Fiesta from the amazing developers Spilt Milk Studios and published by Merge Games. We have...

Demon's Crystals Giveaway! *Updated*

Right for our next giveaway you guys have a chance to win a copy of the game Demon's Crystals and a huge thank you to the developers Byte4Games and the...

Bit Dungeon Plus Giveaway! *Updated*

Today we have a giveaway for Bit Dungeon Plus thanks to the amazing game developers Dolores Entertainment check out the article below for the normal...

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Review

Fans will be pleased to know that Artifex Mundi has a new point ‘n click adventure coming to Xbox One next week, so how does Lost Grimoires: Stolen...

Bloons TD5 Review

Ninja Kiwi has finally brought its popular balloon-popping series to consoles. Bloons TD5 (aka Bloons Tower Denfense 5) debuted on Xbox One last...

Save the Ninja Clan Giveaway! *Updated*

Its been almost two months since our last giveaway here on MGP but today I bring you a chance to win a copy of Save the Ninja Clan for the Xbox One. The...

Games with Gold for April 2017 Announced

Microsoft have announced the games with gold for the month of April, All of the games are available and playable on xbox one as part of the Games with...

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Thea: The Awakening

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Unit 4

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Chroma Squad

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Embers of Mirrim

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Shadow Warrior 2

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