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Guide for Blast From The Past Achievement

x BornTroublez
Posted: 1 Mar 2017 08:04 pm

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This achievement will be a grind any way you look at it, however I have found a few methods to get this one taken care of. There are about 23 Legendary dwellers in this game. They are all from the Fallout lore (i.e. Lucas Simms, Amata, etc.). One way to get them is from actually buying lunchboxes.. unfortunately the chances of getting one out a lunch box is rather slim. For example, I've opened about 60-70 lunchboxes and have gotten 8 of them. You can get free lunchboxes from quests, weekly rewards, and objectives. Note: doing this legit will take a long, long time.

However, there is rumored to be an alternate method that numerous people claim to work. You MUST have a Windows 10 PC to do this as the game can be played on Windows 10. You need to manipulate the time settings in order to get the weekly reward from the Vault-Tec reports. Every 7 days you get a single lunchbox, so in essence you can get an infinite number of them from this method. Sadly this doesn't enhance the chances of getting a legendary dweller from the lunchbox; hence the GRIND. Here is an advanced look on this method. Just follow these steps.

1) Create a new vault
2) Build the minimum power, water and food resources
3) Have a however many dwellers you wish inside the vault.
4) Minimise Fallout Shelter
5) Open the "Adjust Date/Time" Setting in Windows 10
6) Turn off "Set time automatically" and click the change date and time button, adding exactly 7 days to the current date.
7) Alt tab back to the game, it should reload in about 1 second and display a completed daily report.
8) Click to collect all daily rewards including the lunchbox. Click off the report so it closes.
9) Alt tab back to the date time window and enable "Set time automatically"
10) Alt tab back to the game so the in-game time re-adjusts.
11) Alt Tab back to the date time window and repeat from step 6

This should allow you to get infinite lunchboxes, one every 10-20 seconds

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