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Guides for Boss exterminator Achievement

Posted: 23 May 2017 11:22 am

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Bosses will spawn on every zone that ends with a 0 or 5. You'll get this achievement from normal progression however it is possible to grind in order to get it quicker.

Start a run and play until you are able to instantly kill the level 5 boss. Once you've verified that you do this turn off progression mode (if you have it unlocked) and sit on this zone for a few hours until you've killed the required number of bosses.

You can keep track of your total boss kills by going into your in game achievement window (the tab with 3 stars). The icon that sits on the 9th row down and 5th column across is your boss exterminator in game achievement. Looking at this icon will tell you how close you currently are to completing the achievement.

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