Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom

Guide for Beginner Prospector Achievement

Stealth David
Posted: 28 Apr 2017 07:40 pm

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Here are the Kestrel Symbol locations. Dashed likes are "points of no return." Make sure your count is right before proceeding past these. Each Chapter is also a Point of No Return.

Chapter 1:
1: (Bedroom) On the hanging chandelier (part of the tutorial)
2: (House Chamber) Right of the bookshelf ladder
3: (Secret Loft) Left of the large right leaning wood beam
4: (Crow Dream Room) Right of the candle lamp
5: (Guild District Well) Top of lamp post on the right
6: (Guild District Market) On top of the tavern sign on the left.
7: (City Lab) On top of the chest against the right wall.
8: (Dungeon) On the torch holder by the door on the right.
9: (Guard Post) Between the second and third arch above the cabinet.
10: (Sewers Maze) Second room, just left of the torch.

Chapter 2:
11: (Mount Glade) In the stream on the left.
12: (City Street) On the left wall
12.5 Maybe one in (Secret Outlook) ?
13: (Rooftops) Top right of the gate
14: (Royal Apartment) Chandelier
15 : (Mechanic Nest) Near right column of purple arch
16: (Alchemist's Chamber) On the door to the right

Chapter 3:
17: (Castle Corridor) In window above left column
18: (Garden) Tree branch, upper left
19: (Secret Passage) Under torch
20: (Main Facility) Above projector
21: (Golem Lab) Next to the pink tank

Chapter 4:
22: (Loading Area) Under the eave of the shop
23: (Guard Post) Roof of the right tower
24: (Main Gate) On castle wall
25: (Castle Hall) Top of big hourglass
26: (Throne Room) On wing of statue
27: (Observatory) Above shelf
28: (Castle Walls) Right side of podium

GuruThaGreat added

Also want to point out that you can replay the game to get the ones you missed without needing to recollect any. All the ones you've already gotten won't show up on subsequent playthroughs.

Some people claim its not unlocking there might be one in Secret Outlook if someone finds it please post a comment and I will update guide.

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