Win Man of Match for a Defender more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

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Posted: 17 Nov 2013 02:28 am

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This, right here, may just be the toughest and most annoying achievement in the game. One of your defenders much be assigned the Man of the Match award on "Semi-Pro" difficulty for over 50 matches. This does NOT have to be the same player, and it HAS to be awarded to a player on your team.

Make sure that it's a defender that takes all the penalties you're given. (Spanish teams will give away LOTS of penalties!) If playing as Real Madrid, assign Roberto Carlos to this and also let him take all free-kicks (this should be by default). Scoring 2-3 goals with a defender should be enough, but keep scoring until the referee ends the game.

You can now switch your fowards for your defenders, and have your "new" forwards score the goals. If they get chosen as Man of the Match, it'll count as a defender, since it's their original role!

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