Win 20 games with the World XI team on Professional difficulty.

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Posted: 17 Nov 2013 02:56 am

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This achievement is pretty fun to obtain, although there is a catch. You must first earn enough points to buy this team. This can be done in Challenge Mode where you'll find different scenarios with different difficulties. Meet the requirements for these until you have gotten yourself at least 2000 points.

Once you've earned these points, return to the main menu and select My FIFA 07, EA Sports Extras, Fan Shop, Extras. Now purchase World XI. PAY EXTRA ATTENTION as there's a team that can be purchased with a somewhat similar name, and you would NOT like to do that.

Once the team is purchased, go into Play-Off, choose them as your team and Queretaro as the away team. Don't forget to change the difficulty to "Pro".

The World XI are very good, while Queretaro are not, so winning against them, even on "Pro" difficulty will not be a challenge. After winning your 20th game, the achievement will unlock. The 20 wins do not have to be consecutive, but if you wish to combine it with the other achievement, I recommend that every match ends up with a victory.

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