Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Ultra Rare

Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level.

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Posted: 9 Apr 2014 10:34 am

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The strategy I used was to load up the first Ghost Town level (the normal one, not the nightmare one). At the start I grabbed the crossbow (under the wooden structure with the noose, near the red resupply box) then I just ran around and dodged a little bit to get my multiplier up, I think I got it to x6, but it could be done with a lower one. Then I stood near the resupply box with my back to the safe light, that way the enemies can only come from one direction! You must be careful though because if you walk into the safe light it will turn off for a while and then the enemies can come from both sides :(

But remember to look out for the grenade guy! I only had 2 spawn, but I might have just been lucky. The grenade guy usually comes from two places:

1: if you turn your back to the resupply box and look a little bit to the left there's a gap between the houses that leads to an open area, sometimes he spawns here

2: if you turn your back to the resupply box and look a little bit to the right you will see the last building in the row of houses accross from you, most of the time he spawned here for me.

People say if you listen you can hear the grenades being thrown and that makes it alot easier, I don't know, I was listening to music the whole time, lol! And the great thing about this method too is the crossbow is a one hit kill on everything except bird men and splitters, your pistol is pretty good too, and you're right next to the ammo box! My last piece of advice is make the Splitters split as many times as possible to get the most points from them! Using this method I got it on my third try without getting hit even once! I hope this works for you, good luck and feel free to tell me if anything was unclear in my explanation :)

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