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Complete the Game on Nightmare Difficulty

Guides for Madness Prevails Achievement

Posted: 15 Sep 2013 07:10 am

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for those who didn't get nightmare or level headed on the 1st playthrough. theres a shortcut to get both of them when you start a new game+. in the beginning when your leaving dr bumpys office. you'll see a mini clock on the bottom right. that means the checkpoint is saving and your going to wait til it fades. after that your going to exit to the main menu and go to chapter select. from there your going to play each chapter in order from their last sub section to finish and everytime you spawn back in the real world for your checkpoint to save. you'll quit back to the main menu again and chose the next chapter after the other to finish that last subsection, and repeat til chapter 6 which is the last. both achievements will unlock in the end credits afterwards after you finish the end (last subsection on chapter 6). heres my 1st commentary guide to share. hope guide was helpful to everyone take care :)

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