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Guides for Buffed Up! Achievement

Psychotic Jon
Posted: 3 Nov 2013 10:27 pm

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Here is a guide to getting a Bro Buff in Gun Bros.
Just a heads up that this achievement is glitchy and sometimes unobtainable.
You have been warned, as this game has multiple bugs to begin with.
To earn yourself a Bro Buff you will have to send a friend request to someone in your friends list who has played this game before.
Sometimes the achievement will pop upon sending the friend request other times it will require the person to accept the friend request which will allow you to send them a Bro Buff.
Bro Buffs are just an in-game boosts to help you and your friends.
After sending the Bro Buff to your Bro (friend), the achievement "should" pop.

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