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Guides for Shoot to Skill Achievement

Manic Ado
Posted: 5 Nov 2013 08:42 pm

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To max out a weapon skill you need to get the level of the weapon to 20.

To check what level your weapons are press start and go to the stats tab, then press down on the right thumbstick and scroll down to the skills section where it will list your weapons and the number they are currently at.

You get weapon skill exp when your weapon is not mastered. Once the weapon of your choice has its skill exp mastered you cannot gain any more exp towards the weapon skill.

You can pay 10,000 Ark Salvage to reset the mastery or buy another weapon to then have a fresh empty bar to help you gain exp again.

I personally pick up random weapons, buy the weapons im after and then when I master them I sell them back to the vendors and buy more.

Heres a video I made to show you the fastest way of raising weapon skill:

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