Nat Geo Challenge!


Complete a game of Explorer with 3 other players beside you.

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Posted: 9 Apr 2014 10:37 am

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Just start up a game of Explorer and complete it with 3 other people. You can do this by either using 3 other controllers, or by just using one controller in Hot Seat mode. You only need one profile.

The purpose of Explorer is to take over different areas of the continents. Each area you control will reward you with points, ranging from 100 points to 500 points depending on the area. To take over each area you will have to succeed in a mini game (E.G. A mini quiz, a jigsaw type puzzle, etc.). The game is over when a player reaches 1700 points. It doesn't matter who wins as the achievement is for just completing the game.

Note: I did this in Hot Seat mode, but at the end of the game the achievement didn't pop for me. I decided to work on a different achievement so I played a medium length quiz and at the end of the quiz this achievement popped! Please leave a comment if anyone else has had a similar experience with this achievement!

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