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On Monorail Factory, kill all enemies whilst riding the lift

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Posted: 19 Aug 2013 06:13 pm

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This achievement requires you to quickly kill enemies on different floors as you go up in a lift on the Monorail Factory Echo. I recommend the Boneduster and the Flailgun.

When you reach the lift, make sure all the enemies in the room are dead, this sometimes helps towards the achievement.

Now go back to the lift and prepare a charged shot on your Boneduster.

Once the lift starts, your first 2 enemies will be directly ahead, shoot them quickly with the charged boneduster.

Now keep pressing to charge your boneduster again and turn 90 degrees to the right where you will see 3 more enemies. Shoot them quick.

Now switch to your flailgun and turn 90 degrees to the right again. Fire 2 shots quickly and detonate them fast or you may miss these enemies.

Last of all, turn 90 degrees to the left and shoot at the last enemy.

The achievement will pop when the timer on the top floor reaches 20, providing you killed all the enemies on the way up.

I have uploaded the video below so you can see what to do:

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