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Guide for Go Get Some Sun Achievement

AGGY RegulatoR
Posted: 10 May 2017 03:05 pm

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One of my proudest achievements and my favourite 360 game of all time. This achievement is for getting to 10th prestige on multiplayer. You have to do level 55 9 times before being given the option to prestige for the final time.

There are many aspects of this achievement that should be considered before going for this achievement especially in 2017. There are two many ways of getting this achievement are;

Playing Legit

There are hundreds of thousands of players who have earned this achievement by knowingly entering into a public zombies game and having either most or all achievements for the game unlock which is dirty and should be instantly banned off any achievement website.

Playing legit these days is very easy if you are familiar which Call of Duty old MP. I played TDM for around 6 hours without seeing 1 hacker and the game is still the best. There are no games of Search and Destroy now which is the mode i recommend playing legit if possible but TDM is just as good.

Obvious loadouts;

MP40, Duel Mag, Bandolier/Bomb Squad (depending on mode), Stopping Power, Steady Aim/Dead Silence (again depending on mode), Tank perk doesnt really matter, Frag, Tabun Gas.

The weapon can be changed to preference, i personally like all SMGs, M1A1 Carbine, DP28, STG-44 and the PTRS.

You can pretty much batter most players these days :)

Boosting Method;

12 players to lock a lobby, 6 to start a game.
I would highly recommend 4 players with 3 boxes each and basically do shifts on Search and Destroy. Less players and more boxes = more turns.

Other methods include domination ring boosting which is similar to Gears KOTH boosting. It's effective if you dont have the boxes.

And that is about all i can say. People should resist the temptation of jumping in modded lobbies as it does not give a proper reflection of how good the game was and how hard some parts were on veteran.

Finished #212 for Search and Destroy Score Overall

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