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Guides for Enlightened Guitarist Achievement

Posted: 11 Aug 2013 11:37 pm

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Normal Way:
This achievement requires you to get 100% on 20 different songs on expert. Meaning of course you have to hit every single note in a song. You may overstrum as long as you don't miss any notes, the combos don't matter.

I'll give you a few that I found easiest to get 100% on to get you started:
Slow Ride, Story of My Life, Mississippi Queen, When You Were Young, My Name Is Jonas, Closer, Radio Song, Ruby.

For people who can't or can't be bothered to 100% 20 songs on expert:

*First, go to your System Settings on the Xbox Home, then select Storage, scroll down to your hard drive and press Y, then Clear System Cache and press Yes. (This will delete any updates that have been downloaded to your drive)

Some say that there is no need to clear the cache to do this glitch, even I have seen the glitch work online... but it doesn't always work. So its up to you, try it online if you like.

Now boot up Guitar Hero (Press "No" when it asks to download the update) and go to Options, Cheats, and then Enter Cheat.

Enter this cheat: (This is the Unlock Everything cheat, no sound plays when you enter these chords)(Each letter represents which colour to hold down on your controller, then strum whilst holding the colours)


Once you have done that go to Quickplay and Expert, Bonus songs and Through The Fire and Flames, then just fail the song.

Now go back to the Cheat menu and re-enter the cheat, fail Through The Fire and Flames again and then... Achievement Unlocked.

Also if you go to the Store in the game you will unlock 4 other achievements if you don't have them already.

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