World Series of Poker: Full House Pro

Ultra Rare

Buy the Tip Jar Souvenir for another player after busting them out in a Multiplayer Ring Game.

Guides for Salt the Wound Achievement

Theo Boots
Posted: 29 Oct 2013 04:03 am

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Level 45. The Tip Jar unlocks at level 45.
Minimum bankroll of 67,500. The Tip Jar costs 67,500.
A minimum of three players total.

Create a private Ring Game with two private seats.
Make a player lose all his credits. At this point the losing player should just be waiting and not press any button.
A timer starts which give 100 seconds to gift the Tip Jar to the losing player.
The winning player should press "X" to go to the store. Locate the Tip Jar and press "Y" to to turn the Tip Jar into a gift. Select the losing player and confirm the gift.
At this point the losing player should leave the game and NOT do a rebuy.

Important Notes:
This does not work with only two players. Once a player loses the game ends immediately. There is not an option to rebuy with just two players.

The losing player should not do a rebuy.
Doing a rebuy will void / negate the achievement.

I would suggest to get this achievement AFTER the "A cool Million"-achievement.

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