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Theo Boots
Posted: 29 Oct 2013 07:58 pm

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One boosting buddy.

For some tips on single player and multiplayer I would like to point the reader's attention to this game's forum. Check out the thread titled "I like this game".
In single player the gamer can level up to level 25. In addition the gamer can earn some nice starting credits by beating the "Pro Takedowns".

Beyond level 25 leveling up is only possible in Multiplay.

Normal Play:
Using the tips in the thread "I like this game" will almost guarantee a spot in the top 5. This will increase the chances of ending up in the top 3 and on avarage a steady increase in bankroll can be made. Just make sure to always play for the same amount of credits. Do not play in games with varying sign-up requirement!

Create a two player Ring Game. This will not work with tournaments because of the increasing small and big blinds.
Player B should constantly fold and let Player A take the win.
Because Player B wins a number of hands in succession he will gain the "Winning Streak"-bonus of 500 XP.
When an agreed upon number of games is won by Player A it is time for Player B to start winning.

Important Notes
The boosting method does not work with tournamets. Ring Games only.

The "Winning Streak"-bonus is constant. It does not vary with different sign-up amounts.

The progression can be monitored by pressing "X" to visit the store. In the store at the bottom-right is an indicator of the current and target XP.

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