World Series of Poker: Full House Pro

Ultra Rare

Leave the table with a profit of at least 1 million chips in a single Multiplayer session.

Guides for A Cool Million Achievement

Theo Boots
Posted: 29 Oct 2013 02:17 am

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The total bankroll of all three players should exceed 1 million.

Start a private Ring Game with two private slots. Invite the other two players.

This method gets easier if the sign-up is higher. However keep in mind that all players should be able to participate in three games total.

The player with the lowest bankroll should get the achievement first. I will call this winning player "Player A". One of the other players should go all in when he is sure to lose to Player A. Upon losing his money this player should make a rebuy. Repeat this losing to Player A untill he has won a total of 1,010,000 credits. Once this amound has been won Player A should quit the game and the achievement will unlock.

Repeat this for every player who wants to win the achievement.

Important notes:
This achievement can not be gained in single play. See the achievement description for details.

With two players a rebuy is not possible. When one of the two players busts the game is over and there is no time to do a rebuy.

It follows that you can only do this with two players if both players have an individual bankroll of over 2 million. Preferably one of the players should have a bankroll of over 3 million. If these requirements are met then you can start a Ring Game with a buy-in of 2 million. Then one player loses 1,010,000 credits to the other player. Player A quits the game and gets the achievement. Repeat for the second player to win the achievement.

The game deducts a fee of 1%. This is the reason for the total amount to be 1,010,000 credits rather than 1,000,000 credits.

I would suggest to get this achievement BEFORE any of the other achievements which require you to spend credits. Such as "Stacked", "Salt the Wound" and "High Steaks".

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