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Collect and return all spaceship parts.

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Posted: 28 Feb 2014 01:44 pm

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As the achievement says, you need to collect and return all of the spaceship parts.

"Return to who?" you may think. Well, to start collecting parts you need to start the side mission "Far Out" which you can get from a strange guy that calls himself "Omega". This mission will be available once you have finished the story mission titled "Fame or Shame" which is around 15% through the game.

"Far Out" will be marked on your map with a green "?", meaning of course you need to do this mission whilst playing as Franklin.

When I did this achievement I found it easiest to make use of these two maps:
- IGN's interactive map will show you the locations of the spaceship parts, you can click each one and it will show you exactly where it is. (Link)
- The Social Club map, this will show you the parts you have or haven't collected, providing you have linked you have made and set up your account. (Link)

- Part #44, the one under a bridge, will require a fairly tricky helicopter maneuver, so you should save them game when you are near the bridge incase you don't make it the first time.
- Parts #15 and #19 will also require a helicopter, but they are easier to get.

Once you have collected all of the parts, Omega will text you and give you a location to return all of the car parts. This is your chance to steal his weird alien car! Hope you enjoy.

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