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Guides for Throttled Escape Achievement

Posted: 9 Nov 2013 10:20 am

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This achievement is for finishing Extinction mode with a Relic.

To get a Relic you first need to rank up to 30.
NOTE: This game mode has its own rank aside from competitive online.

There are 5 different relics that do different things. They work like golden skulls in Halo almost where they make the game more challenging yet giving you a score boost.

Here is the list:
Take More Damage - Aliens do increased damaged with their attacks.
Pistols Only - Weapon purchases are not allowed.
Smaller Wallet - Earn and carry less cash.
Mortal - No class selection available.
Do Less Damage - Inflict less damage against the aliens.

They way my team did it is we had 3 people who already unlock the relics play and we had 2 with Pistols Only and one with Smaller Wallet.

You can choose what works better with you. But I would suggest having hopefully beating it once by the time you attempt this. :)

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