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Guides for Comrade in Arms Achievement

Posted: 9 Apr 2014 10:38 am

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Go to Options -> Game Settings and and change the following:
Difficulty Level: Easy
Life Gauge <1P Game>: 130%
Round Time <1P Game>: 30

Now go to Original Mode -> Team Battle. On the character select screen you can choose the size of your team by pressing left to decrease the amount of people you have, or right to increase. The most you can have is 3. Choose whatever character(s) you're comfortable with and clear the stages. There are 5 stages in total and each has a team of 3 people you must defeat. You are allowed to use continues.

If you're not very good at fighting games (like me), then just choose Raphael. Spam Triple Botta in Tempo by holding towards and mashing the Vertical Attack Button (Y if using default controls). If you get your opponent near the edge of the map you can launch them into the air with Montante el Fin by pressing 3B (diagonal (the one between down and towards) and Y if using default controls) and then use Triple Botta in Tempo, hopefully that should knock them out of the ring.

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