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AWolfG 26126

  • Games Played: 31
  • Achievements: 973

Registered: 18 Feb 2017 at 09:02 pm

Last Scan: 14 Nov 2019 at 01:02 pm

AWolfG's Legendary Achievements

Succesfully perform 100 car repairs.

Trample 25 soldiers with an AT-ST (Multiplayer)

Get 10 kills with Relby-V10, DL-18, Scatter Gun and the Dioxis Grenade (Multiplayer)

Get 20 kills with secondary fire using the Bryar Pistol or Heavy Repeater

Get 20 kills with the X-8 Night Sniper and the EE-4. (Multiplayer)

Stun 20 enemies with the Shock Grenade (Multiplayer)

Get 5000 Objective Score while playing as any Hero (Multiplayer)

Equip Your First Tier 6 Item in Multiplayer

Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

Playing as The Jaguar, be the highest scoring player of a Domination game session.

Playing as Blackbeard, perform an acrobatic kill and a pistol kill in less than 10 seconds.

Kill a player using a lift that has been trapped with Booby Trap.

Playing as The Orchid, block 10 abilities from opponents with Sabotage.

AWolfG's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:11 / 31 (35%)
Gamerscore:26126 / 44520 (58%)
Achievements:973 / 1703 (57%)

AWolfG needs to unlock 15 more achievements to reach 58%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:197

Time tracked since:11 Feb 2017 12:00 am
Total time played:1 day 14 hours

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