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B1ueSeptember 273001 News Editor

  • Games Played: 679
  • Achievements: 10754

Registered: 16 Dec 2016 at 06:34 pm

Last Scan: 18 Oct 2018 at 08:12 pm

B1ueSeptember's Common Achievements

Play the game again and make different choices

Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than half a minute

Looks like there's nothing that can stand in your way! Props!

Nothing can keep you from your goal!

Finish any hidden-object scene in less than 1 minute

Finish a game of Domino in less than 1 minute

Try all of the robo-moose hands.

Make all the rubber ducks quack.

Use the bubble to move heroes up.

Startle all of the signal birds.

Give the test results to the Doctor.

Uncork all of the test tubes on the tree.

Recruit a new survivor to your community.

Finish all Minigames without skipping.

Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using a Hint.

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Completed Games:235 / 679 (34%)
Gamerscore:273001 / 491500 (55%)
Achievements:10754 / 19923 (53%)

B1ueSeptember needs to unlock 5 more achievements to reach 54%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:345

Time tracked since:9 Dec 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:2 days 12 hours

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