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bommer15absl's Rare Achievements

Set a time in every challenge in a single Joyride Chapter

Complete one Event in each discipline (Main Game)

Connect 3 Chests to a single Furnace using 3 Hoppers.

Infiltrate a KPA Stronghold and deactivate the valve without being detected.

Set a KPA on fire by shooting a gas vent.

DLC Vietnam: Get back your gear at the helicopter crash site.

Stop starvation using Rotten Flesh.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds

Complete all Hunting & Fishing Challenges (Campaign only).

Play the 'Arcade Hero' mode 5 times (Arcade only).

Successfully complete 10 featured Arcade maps in Solo or Co-op (Arcade only).

Spend $50000 in Vehicle Shops (Campaign only).

Halo CE: Beat the par time on The Pillar of Autumn.

Land the Mega Jump from the Crash TV Ski Jump and get at least 4.5 seconds of Air Time

Give a chest away or have it stolen, once it's cashed in your story is woven.

When an attack is blocked then fret you may, as being counter-struck will ruin your day.

A vote for the Alliance was one well placed, completing the voyage will give you a taste.

Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage Event

Perform a 360 Flatspin in any car

Set a Showtime Road Rule East Crawford Drive



Set a Time Road Rule on Watt St

Obtain Rank B or higher in SCORE ATTACK > EXTREME.

Win 100 games of Klondike, Spider, or FreeCell.

Collected a total of 10,000 Rings.(All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)

Create a track with the random generator

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Completed Games:17 / 517 (3%)
Gamerscore:127734 / 426360 (29%)
Achievements:7059 / 19600 (36%)

bommer15absl needs to unlock 193 more achievements to reach 37%.

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Ultra Rare:290

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Total time played:96 days 23 hours

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