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  • Games Played: 517
  • Achievements: 7060

Registered: 20 Mar 2015 at 05:12 pm

Last Scan: 22 Jul 2018 at 02:51 pm

bommer15absl's Common Achievements

Earn the International Rally R-3 licence

Earn the National Stadium Pro-3 licence

Get an overall win in the lowest eligible Vehicle Class in a Rally Event in Career

Win your class in a multi-class Event in Career

Earn the Fearless Bonus in a Stage or race

Eat nothing but dried kelp for three in-game days

Earn enough followers to reach Star level

Take a picture outside of any photo op just for fun, because it looks good

Enter a Bonus Round after collecting 3 Character Tokens.

In a single level, spin an enemy into another enemy twice.

Earn enough followers to reach Famous level

Beat a friend's highlight (best score of a friend)

Beat a rival or a friend’s ghost

Use any 5 power-ups in a single game

Earn 500 Followers in one Freestyle sequence (Freedrive)

Earn enough followers to reach Popular level

This time we'll be generous! You have completed the 1st Episode of the Live Xtrem Series.

Destroy the lighthouse without touching it

Construct one type of each tool.

Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

Use planks and sticks to make a sword.

Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.

Punch a tree until a block of wood pops out.

Complete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1"

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Completed Games:17 / 517 (3%)
Gamerscore:127769 / 426360 (29%)
Achievements:7060 / 19600 (36%)

bommer15absl needs to unlock 192 more achievements to reach 37%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:289

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:96 days 23 hours

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