Level 1

Breckarns 26165

  • Games Played: 150
  • Achievements: 1513

Registered: 19 Feb 2018 at 04:12 pm

Last Scan: 17 Jan 2020 at 07:16 pm

Breckarns's Rare Achievements

Pursue Uldren and the Fanatic to the Watchtower, and finish what you started.

Start building your Master Builder's House.

Arrive at your Master Builder's LEGO® Baseplate.

Complete a Bucket List challenge at Horizon Hot Wheels

No Show


You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.

Complete "The Sunbreakers' Challenge" quest.

Complete an encounter in the Archon's Forge.

Complete the "King of the Mountain" mission.

You need to complete the game on Hard Difficulty

Fully upgrade all your time powers.

You need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios And Posters

Kill 25 enemies using Ground Pound or Drop Attack

Baba Yaga: Rescue Nadia from Trinity

Uncover the remains of all Jacob's disciples

You escaped prison and navigated the sewers undetected

Complete any co-op Mission on Heroic difficulty.

Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

Complete the "Echoes of Oryx" quest.

Complete "The Nightstalker's Trail" quest.

Complete "The Court of Oryx" quest.

Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

Complete "The Stormcaller's Path" quest.

Halo 2A MP: Kill an opponent that has the Ninja Redux achievement in Anniversary matchmaking.

Complete a Raid on hard difficulty.

Glide for 200 meters while less than 10 meters from the ground.

Breckarns's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:4 / 150 (2%)
Gamerscore:26165 / 199890 (13%)
Achievements:1513 / 9440 (16%)

Breckarns needs to unlock 92 more achievements to reach 17%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:20