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chucky9527's Ultra Rare Achievements

Survive Chaos Squad in the Harbor District with at least 750 Chaos.

Defeated all waves in Duke and Dimwit Theater.

Work with Buck and Sam to create a new weapon.



Reroute the power inside the factory in the weirdest way possible.



Put on a robot costume and collect the kill codes.

Weapons design is a tough business.



Find Fiona and Lou, then help them escape by fixing Snackwrap.

Ride a cargo container into the factory.

Anybody can be a movie producer, because nobody knows what they do.

Protect the boat from bombs, mortars, and OD'd.

Build the "Feel the Burn" weapon for a guy who is stir-crazy... or just crazy.

Light fires big enough to see from space.

Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, and instant death.

Break into Hell's Gate HQ and apprehend Two-Face.

Break into Riddler's secret hideout and exact your revenge.

Defeated all waves in The OPS Zeal.

Constructed all available platforms for Mother Base.

Developed 300 or more development items.

Complete ‘Tumbledown’ dungeon

Collect all Daughter's Diaries in The Executioner.

Clear the basement of the manor house in The Executioner.

Kill 10 basic Haunted with environmental traps in The Executioner.

Clear the first and second floors of the manor house in The Executioner.

Score 10 headshots on Rais's men with a bow

Blood Ties: Collect all of the Relics in Croft Manor

Blood Ties: Collect all of the Documents in Croft Manor

Shift, Wallrun, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll, Shift

Springboard, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll

Shift, Springboard, Wallrun, Swing Pipe, Skill Roll

Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump

Reach 50,000 points in Score Attack with a Skull multiplier of x2 or higher.

Complete a mission in Score Attack co-op, with all participants scoring at least 200,000 points.

Beat the par time of a mission in Score Attack.

Complete a mission in Score Attack with at least 500,000 points.

Complete Swords of Sanghelios co-op with both Mantises on Heroic difficulty.

Destroy 10 walls or floors in Swords of Sanghelios.

Operate four different vehicles at once in Mission 13 on Heroic difficulty.

Escape the doomed Kraken by jumping onto a Phaeton piloted by a Spartan.

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Achievements:2180 / 6933 (31%)

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Ultra Rare:118

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