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Derrty NT 203781

  • Games Played: 223
  • Achievements: 7743

Registered: 2 Dec 2016 at 08:26 am

Last Scan: 18 Jan 2019 at 05:33 pm

Derrty NT's Legendary Achievements

Complete Another Life on Master Difficulty.

Reach Whittleton Creek Mastery Level 15.

Complete all Mission Stories in Another Life.

Wiped out Kale and Shah with the train, Kale and Rangan with a cement pipe, and Rangan with the fan.

Complete Chasing a Ghost on Master Difficulty.

Get a score above 1,000,000 points on The Last Yardbird.

Eliminated the three main targets with the cannon.

Eliminated both Morgan and Cross in a fall accident, and both by dropping a coconut on their heads.

Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Sapienza.

Eliminated Silvio in therapy, downed his plane with a cannon, and shot him through the telescope.

Complete Three-Headed Serpent on Master Difficulty.

Defeat Whiplash and Mandarin on Iron Man! (Single player only.)

Accomplish all Tony Stark missions on Iron Man! (Single player only.)

Collect 3 heroes to aid the Professor in his battle on X-Men. (Single player only.)

Save Cap's ball from draining down an outlane on Marvel's The Avengers table. (Single player only.)

Collect all targets during Blitzkrieg USA on Fear Itself! (Single player only)

Complete at least three rounds in a row on the jump ramp on Ghost Rider (Single player only)

Interrogate 3 rebel officers in the Force mode on the Darth Vader table! (Single player only)

Complete the clone training by Capturing the Citadel on the Clone Wars table! (single-player only).

Acquire a score in Dark Side mode on the Star Wars: Episode VI table! (Single player only)

Break into the Prison and start the Ambush with Captain America on Civil War (Single player only.)

Take down the spiders in 20 seconds in the cellar on Sorcerer's Lair (single player only).

Defeat all 12 monsters and their fire breathing boss on Epic Quest (Single player only.)

Win a Fight on the Street Fighter II! (Single player only.)

T-Bone: Complete 29 driving missions

T-Bone: Kill 4 enemies at once by blowing up the RC Car

Open 15 Containers or Doors in a single game of Dead Men Walking

Finish Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses

Complete Assassin's Run with 100% accuracy using only head shots

Complete Train Runner before the train arrives at the station

Find all of the collectable figurines in Burglar on Expert

Secure at least 500.000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode on Tesla! (Single player only)

Summon a disaster for the unbelievers on Shaman (Single player only.)

Complete The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone

Survive The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins

In CitC, complete all Blue Ribbon Challenges.

Perform a drop assassination of at least 150 meters in the Kill Cascade challenge

Find Emily's doll hidden in each of the 10 challenges

Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Master Ninja

Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Mentor

Completed all Karma Attack Missions on Path of the Warrior

Obtained all Gold Medallions in the Survival Missions

Derrty NT's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:212 / 223 (95%)
Gamerscore:203781 / 206605 (98%)
Achievements:7743 / 7857 (98%)

Derrty NT needs to unlock 36 more achievements to reach 99%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:907

Time tracked since:25 Nov 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:6 days 13 hours

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☆ Nico NT ~ nic0nline ☆

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Challenges Unlocked: 2 ⏱

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