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  • Games Played: 199
  • Achievements: 7091

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Derrty NT's Ultra Rare Achievements

Complete romances with three different characters across all playthroughs.

Keep the Nomad airborne for 35 seconds.

Unlock Rank 6 for each single-player profile type, or obtain a Level 6 multiplayer bonus stat.

Use a melee attack to hit 25 floating enemies. (Single-Player)

Hit an enemy with a thrown enemy 25 times. (Single-Player)

Detonate a trip mine with a thrown enemy. (Single-Player)

Complete an "Insanity" single-player game, or 5 "Gold" multiplayer extractions from any firebase.

Direct your Remnant VI to attack each type of Remnant enemy. (Single-Player)

Promote a strike team to Level 20.

Successfully neutralize 5 fugitives in Bounty Hunter

Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade

Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola

Establish 8 Raider Camps in the Commonwealth

Defeat 40 Nuka-World Creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor

Collect every issue of Scav! Magazine

Complete 12 quests for any Nuka-World Raider Gangs

Complete the quest "Close to Home"

Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land"



Defeat 30 Far Harbor Sea Creatures

Collect all issues of "The Islander's Almanac" magazine

Complete the quest "The Way Life Should Be"

Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop Locations

Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes

Equip Vault 88 suit and Pip-Boy on a settler

Finish a Training mode successfully on the Star Wars Episode V table (Single player only)

Ignite the sign of the Fantastic Four with the Human Torch on Fantastic Four. (Single player only)

Lock 4 balls with Doctor Doom and start the Four-ball mode on Fantastic Four. (Single player only)

Conclude the final mode: Midnight Madness on Sorcerer's Lair (single player only).

Get up to the attic of the Haunted Mansion and banish a ghost on Paranormal! (Single player only.)

Kill 10 opponents as the leader in a round of Guardian on a Forces of Nature map.

Earn at least one of each of the original 132 combat ribbons.

Produce 100 objects from your builders

Display a weapon on a weapon rack, armor on an armor rack, and power armor in a power armor display.

Find all grandmaster diagrams for each witcher school.

Help unite the warring vineyards and have a wine named in your honor.

Unlock the bonus for equipping all the witcher gear elements from one School.

Complete a mission in Score Attack with at least 500,000 points.

Complete a mission in Score Attack co-op, with all participants scoring at least 200,000 points.

Reach 50,000 points in Score Attack with a Skull multiplier of x2 or higher.

Beat the par time of a mission in Score Attack.

Collect all the cards in the Skellige deck.

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Completed Games:190 / 199 (95%)
Gamerscore:179661 / 181070 (99%)
Achievements:7091 / 7137 (99%)

Derrty NT needs to unlock 46 more achievements to reach 100%.

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Ultra Rare:716

Time tracked since:25 Nov 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:6 days 13 hours

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