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Derrty NT 178566

  • Games Played: 199
  • Achievements: 7043

Registered: 2 Dec 2016 at 08:26 am

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Derrty NT's Uncommon Achievements

Destroy the exaltation facility or save the angara prisoners.

In single-player mode, recruit all 6 squadmates.

Complete a combined five strike team missions or APEX extractions in multiplayer mode.



Complete the multiplayer mode tutorial mission.

Collect all of the Salem history markers

Collect all of the witch trial artifacts

Collect all of Cassandra's artifacts

Collect all of the Bell Killer's artifacts



Collect all of the supernatural graffiti

Drive 4 km in the world while driving the Merengue from Elek Motors

Successfully complete an online Co-op Operation

Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear

Travel 200 meters on top of a car by hacking it

Buy a shirt in the Nudle vending machine

Paul chose to give in to his rage and paranoia.

Get 10 head shots while using Dodge Focus.

Collect all possible in-game achievements.

Receive maximum personality ranking.

Reach all possible conclusions in the game.

Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 3.

Derrty NT's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:189 / 199 (94%)
Gamerscore:178566 / 181070 (98%)
Achievements:7043 / 7137 (98%)

Derrty NT needs to unlock 23 more achievements to reach 99%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:719

Time tracked since:25 Nov 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:6 days 13 hours

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