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  • Achievements: 17430

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Fallout8194's Rare Achievements

Made sure everything was ready.

Place all Episode Two collectables

Find all Episode Two collectables

Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage

Personally kill the entire Terrorist team before the bomb is planted in Online Demolition Mode

Win an Arms Race match without dying

Survive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining

Sell a total of 250 pieces of gear

Complete all side missions in The View

Complete all side missions in Downtown

Take what is his and make it crumble

Discover the identity of Kruger's deadliest asset

Complete all side missions in Rezoning

Complete all side missions in Anchor

Purchase half of Faith's upgrades

Perform a highground attack as a finishing move

Shut down any gridNode without notifying KrugerSec of your presence

Get yourself to a user created Beat L.E.

Reach full focus and take out 10 enemies before it runs out

Completed the Influence operation.

Completed the Production operation.

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Completed Games:313 / 473 (66%)
Gamerscore:449145 / 500670 (89%)
Achievements:17430 / 19659 (88%)

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Ultra Rare:1853

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