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Fallout8194 449145

  • Games Played: 473
  • Achievements: 17430

Registered: 4 Feb 2016 at 04:29 am

Last Scan: 18 Oct 2018 at 05:52 pm

Fallout8194's Uncommon Achievements

Send the KrugerSec turrets into the abyss

Reach full focus and keep it going

Deliver any fragile package without any damage to it

Find all Episode One collectables

Destroyed a generator with a C4 blast.

Hit a target more than 400m away.

Visit all the rooms and bonus rooms.

Defeat 3 different bosses in infernal mode.

Remove the Stench effect from 5 enemies with a single attack, 10 times.

Attract a stunned enemy with Finn & Jake 30 times.

Push back 50 Pufferfish with Rigby & Mordecai's Power Chord.

Destroy 3 objects with Clarence's Jetpack without landing, 10 times.

Hit the chase car 25 times with any weapon in Survival Mode.

Collide 3 times with a landing aircraft in Runway Tour.

Use the island as a shortcut in Casino Tour.

Grab the attention of the Trimaran spotlight 3 times in a single event.

Drift on a drift strip for a continuous 6 seconds in a single event.

Get a gold trophy in a single Survivor Mission.

Collect 3 bonus batteries in a single Survival Mission.

Drive through 100 breakable objects in a single event.

Destroy 3 Lemons with the Satellite Quake weapon in a single Hunter Mission.

String together 5 tricks in a single jump.

Collect all the volley balls on Zed Landing

Fallout8194's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:313 / 473 (66%)
Gamerscore:449145 / 500670 (89%)
Achievements:17430 / 19659 (88%)

Fallout8194 needs to unlock 67 more achievements to reach 89%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1853

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Total time played:139 days 6 hours