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Fallout8194 451175

  • Games Played: 475
  • Achievements: 17477

Registered: 4 Feb 2016 at 04:29 am

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Fallout8194's Common Achievements

Finish the Thugtown level, using only the pistol



Survive the Raid using only the baseball bat

Have 20 enemies killed by propelling airvents in the "Secret Base" level

Kill a German soldier by dropping the churchbell on top of him in the "Killing Fields" level

Defeat the German Commander Boss

Simultaneously kill 5 enemies with the rocket launcher

Kill 5 ball-and-chain zombies in mid air



Kill 100 enemies with the chainsaw

Consecutively kill 20 units with headshots

Complete the first chapter of the Journey

Inflict 2,500 total points of damage to enemies

Kill an enemy with the last bullet in your magazine (excluding sniper rifles and Zeus x27)

Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 5 of Season 3

Fallout8194's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:315 / 475 (66%)
Gamerscore:451175 / 502670 (89%)
Achievements:17477 / 19704 (88%)

Fallout8194 needs to unlock 60 more achievements to reach 89%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1851

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Total time played:139 days 6 hours