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Frankniesta 21395

Last seen 2 days ago using Cities: Skylines on Xbox 360

  • Games Played: 134
  • Achievements: 1251

Registered: 4 May 2015 at 11:24 am

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Frankniesta's Rare Achievements

Found 50% of the documents in the game.

Complete each of the 6 different mission objectives in the underground.

Down an animal while having an elevated heart rate

Fulfilled your owner's demand in Master League and raised your Owner's Trust

Awarded for earning a win in [Master League]

Completed the Influence operation.



Shot an enemy chopper out of the air with a mortar.

Buy a player by paying his release clause

Access the Tactical Operations Center.

Perform only Good Moves or better in a song.



Win a penalty shoot-out without missing

Sell a player and negotiate a Sell-On Clause with the buying club

Spend a skill point in Pro Clubs

Spend a skill point in Pro Clubs

Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match

Defeat 10 different members of the Sinister Six.



Kill three enemies with a single ‘bowling’ ball.

Complete a Financial objective in Career Mode

Complete an encounter in the Archon's Forge.

Complete the "Rise of Iron" quest.

Complete the "King of the Mountain" mission.

Recover 24 Survival Guide pages.

Extract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.

Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.

Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.

Survive a rebel attack against the Palace

Complete a Youth Development objective in Career Mode

Complete a Brand Exposure objective in Career Mode

Win a game in which you never had more than 7 cards in a column at any one time.

Join a club with your Online Pro and play your first match in Pro Clubs

Complete one main mission in local co-op mode

Complete 20 story missions without switching to a new horse at a hitching post.

Retrieve 20 missing first wave Division agent profiles.

Extract an item at all 8 Extraction Zones.

Finish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty.

Frankniesta's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:0 / 134 (0%)
Gamerscore:21395 / 182735 (11%)
Achievements:1251 / 8578 (14%)

Frankniesta needs to unlock 36 more achievements to reach 15%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:12

Time tracked since:27 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:77 days 4 hours