Level 1

GuZmaN DeeMoN 202505

  • Games Played: 297
  • Achievements: 9309

Registered: 22 Sep 2016 at 11:33 pm

Last Scan: 23 Sep 2019 at 04:53 am

GuZmaN DeeMoN's Rare Achievements

Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds

Taunt GLaDOS in front of a camera in each of the five co-op courses

Drop your co-op partner in goo while they are gesturing by removing the bridge under them

Dance in front of a turret blocked by a hard light bridge in co-op

Play in a game with seven or more players from your friends list.

Finish with the highest points in a ranked match

Injure a single zombie with your melee weapon, the pistol and the shotgun, then stealth kill it.

Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran.

Win a Multiplayer Match on every level

Earn 3 stars on all Challenge Levels.

Get a total Despicable Score of 5,000,000!

Collect all the fruit in any area of the Jelly Lab

Use the Minion Launcher 10 times

Make the Fortune Wheel spin 25 times

Get run over by a bus 15 times while in the Residential

Run 100,000 meters on Minion Beach!

Earn every Dungeon Defenders Accomplishment

Complete All Challenges on INSANE Difficulty

Complete all levels with 4 active players on at least Medium Difficulty

Earn the Flawless Victory Award on all Missions on at least Medium Difficulty

Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of a session and go on to win (Multiplayer Only).

Kill your target and escape your pursuer in less than 10 seconds (Multiplayer Only).

During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape (Multiplayer Only).

Kill your target while hidden in a hay bale (Multiplayer Only).

Beat 3 different friends in challenge.

Find all the themed words in a round

Finish 10 rounds ranked in the top 10

Achieve the highest cumulative score, for the hour, of any player on the hourly leaderboard

Become Champ by placing in the top 250 players in any of the "Top Player" leaderboards.

GuZmaN DeeMoN's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:255 / 297 (85%)
Gamerscore:202505 / 224710 (90%)
Achievements:9309 / 10280 (90%)

GuZmaN DeeMoN needs to unlock 46 more achievements to reach 91%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1281

Time tracked since:15 Sep 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:15 hours 15 minutes