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  • Achievements: 4511

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Jackingotn's Ultra Rare Achievements

Unlock Menhir by earning 3 Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard.

Help everyone out of their predicaments.

Listen to all the whisky minutiae.

Listen to all the beer factoids.

Listen to all the sake sound bites.

Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it

Outfit a SPARK unit with the highest tier weaponry and armor

Earn 100,000 score as an Assault, Medic, Support and Recon

Raise XCOM's influence with all three factions to High in a single game

Permanently defeat one of the Chosen

Rescue a soldier who was captured by the Chosen

Complete the Lost and Abandoned mission

Survive 3 consecutive Nights outside (single game).

Heal yourself using all types of natural medicines (single game).

Keep calorie store above zero for 10 days.

Leave Mystery Lake. Complete Episode Two.

Complete Jeremiah's Survival School.

Bring Jeremiah back from near death.

Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.

Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.



Steal the battery from the statue in "Power Plant"

Parkour fluidly from the alley to the blacksmith in "Castle" without touching the ground.

Travel 25,000 light years from the start

Win against a CPU controlled fighter who is set to maximum damage, with your own set to default.

Win four fights with the same fighter in a 16-fighter tournament.

Destroy 4 enemy tanks in a single match while using a German tank. MP Only.

Request Fire on a target and have it destroyed by an ally within 30 seconds. MP Only.

Destroy 1000 tanks in multiplayer.

Complete all chapters of a story successfully.

Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty

Knockout or submit your opponent in the last ten seconds of the final round.

Have a long lived career… (Career Mode)

Earn a crew promotion of Rank 6 or higher.

Wreck 100 Opponents in Car Crusher

Fox Me!


Be the Fox for half an hour in Fox 'n' Hounds

Complete the Hotwiring Hotstuff Mission

Complete 63 different Career Events on any Difficulty

Complete the Bulging Purse Mission

Solidarity. That’s the first thing we have to teach to our children.

Either modern medicines work miracles, or perhaps some of us have really robust immune systems.

Bandits came in packs like hungry wolves. We beat them back every night. And everyone survived.

As a ruler conquer 10 towns or castles.



As a female character, make your own faction.

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Completed Games:4 / 299 (1%)
Gamerscore:90778 / 315785 (28%)
Achievements:4511 / 13970 (32%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:179

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:57 days 22 hours

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I unlocked 2 achievements for 40G on Shadow of Mordor.