Level 1

Kikkoso 68932

  • Games Played: 227
  • Achievements: 3709

Registered: 3 Aug 2018 at 02:02 pm

Last Scan: 12 Dec 2018 at 05:02 pm

Kikkoso's Common Achievements

Kill an enemy by tagging him with a sticky grenade. (campaign only)

Sprint into cover 10 times while under fire. (campaign only)

Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade. (campaign only)

Kill 5 enemies using blind fire. (campaign only)

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang in the single player campaign.

Kill 20 enemies with explosives in a single level.

Kill at least 3 rappelling enemies in a single rope.

Kill 5 enemies with one shot while in the AC-130 gunship.

Protect 'War Pig', the Abrams tank.

Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots in the single player campaign.

Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.

Complete the mission "General Distress".



Complete the mission "Royalty".

Complete the mission "The Outcasts".

Complete the mission "The Storm".

Complete the mission "The Observatory".

Complete the mission "The Dauntless".

Complete the mission "The Battle of Endor".

Complete the mission "The Cleaner".

Paul chose the Hardline path for Monarch Solutions.

Complete 25 Squad Orders in multiplayer

Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Scout in multiplayer

Use Core Fusion to increase a stat on any Core

Kikkoso's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:5 / 227 (2%)
Gamerscore:68932 / 275370 (25%)
Achievements:3709 / 13317 (27%)

Kikkoso needs to unlock 20 more achievements to reach 28%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:180