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  • Games Played: 332
  • Achievements: 3670

Registered: 22 May 2015 at 01:11 am

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KnifeFightYaMum's Uncommon Achievements

Complete 20 Bounties, War Contracts, or Naval Quests from Message Boards.

Score 90% accuracy with aimed weapons in an event

Detonate the Hot Rod at the very last second

Cleave a ship while having an all-women crew.

Perform a 30-hit combo. (Arcade/online only)

Complete your first Road Race at Bronze or higher.

Complete your first Rooftop Race at Bronze or higher.

Earn your first Gold Road or Rooftop Race medal.

Earn your first Silver Road or Rooftop Race medal.

Complete a race in an S1 class Rally Monster.

Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Road Racing Series.

Win a race at The Colossus, The Gauntlet, The Titan or The Marathon.

Take part in your first #FORZATHON Live Event.

Red Dead Online: Complete the Intro.

You completed 'Red Dead Redemption'.

You completed 'Goodbye, Dear Friend'.

Upgrade each available component for a single sidearm or longarm weapon.

You defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS

One thing all Pirate's do share in common, is the first memory of watching a ship sink to the bottom

Even a Pirate wants job recognition, so buy a Promotion to show your position.

Give a chest away or have it stolen, once it's cashed in your story is woven.

Laugh in danger's face by executing a Clutch Nixon stunt in each region (Solo Campaign only).

Sell 20 fish for cash (Campaign only).

Complete The Final Test unspotted. Kill only Jasper Knight, ensuring his body is not found.

Feed them once and they’re yours.

That sounds like someone’s name if they could name themselves at age 10.

Complete Side Quest "Seven Farmers".

Reach the "Top of the World" in the Black Desert territory.



Use Dawn & Dusk to make time speed forward 30 times.

Complete the mission "Project: Resurrection".

Wait for the game to resume after the credits

Complete the mission "Discoveries".

Complete the mission "Until Ashes".

Complete the mission "The Battle of Jakku".

Complete the mission "Cache Grab".

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Completed Games:6 / 332 (1%)
Gamerscore:65484 / 366340 (17%)
Achievements:3670 / 16728 (21%)

KnifeFightYaMum needs to unlock 11 more achievements to reach 22%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:30

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