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Last seen 6 days ago playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360

  • Games Played: 77
  • Achievements: 747

Registered: 17 Oct 2014 at 10:11 am

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lIlmagiclIl's Rare Achievements

Do a 140 meters long jump while driving a vehicle

Liberate all the comic books for the comic book collector.

Equip one piece of clothing from each Faction at the same time.

Duck 30 times during Fatality sequence

Complete aTest Your Might Tower

Play a level from beginning to end with a second player

Complete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.

Reach Level 99 in Ignatius' epic RPG campaign.

Complete an optional Night Defense without losing any of your Overcharge.

Kill 500 enemies while at Style Level 3.

Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign

Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign

Finish the mission without any Jackal regenerating its shield in Operation B, Mission 3

Play a round of Air Superiority

Finish last in a Multiplayer race.

Be featured in the team of the week in your Career as a Player

Accumulate 2,000 yds of drift in a single event using the Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.

Kill the 2 soldiers before the building falls on them in Uprising

Win a round in Conquest Domination

Earn a Silver Medal, or see one earned, in all Basic Free Play levels

Finish Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better

Reach 250 Sweat Points with a 4-star rating on any song with Sweat Mode activated

Get a Gold Medal in all activities in Free Play

Participate in the reward ceremony for the Around the World Adventure

Get 5 stars on 2 songs in a row from the "Songs" menu

Finish a Duet with 2 players getting at least 4 stars on both choreographies (songs with 2 coaches)

Participate in all Intermediate Adventures' reward ceremonies



Participate in the reward ceremony for the Space Loot Adventure

Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.

Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck of the ship.

Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.

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Completed Games:5 / 77 (6%)
Gamerscore:14032 / 93250 (15%)
Achievements:747 / 4466 (16%)

lIlmagiclIl needs to unlock 13 more achievements to reach 17%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:55

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:1 day 3562 seconds

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