Level 2

Link1207 822118

  • Games Played: 1255
  • Achievements: 30264

Registered: 7 Aug 2017 at 02:35 pm

Last Scan: 24 Jul 2019 at 01:27 am

Link1207's Rare Achievements

Complete the 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2' level with all Minikits unlocked

Complete the 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2' level after achieving True Believer status

Damage the Abilisk using the Anulax batteries

Play as Groot until Mr Blue Sky stops playing

Research all technologies in a single game

Win a game through building a wonder

Nuff Said


Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain

Complete 10 challenges in Chronopolis

Play a total of 50 local matches.

Obtain 'True Believer' in every level

Defeat 30 enemies using The Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)

Play as Fin Fang Foom in ''Defying Conventions''

Have Morbius, Cap-Wolf, Triton and The Living Mummy in a party

Have Cosmo and Lockjaw in a party

Win 15 online or friends matches.

Steal 100 coins from another player in any minigame.

Play a total of 15 local matches.

Get a score over 200 in any minigame.

Pick up 100 powerups in any minigame.

Get a total score over 600 in a match.

Get a total score over 450 in a match.

Stay alive for more than 2 minutes in a minigame.

Be the last one standing in each of the minigames in a single match.

Defeated Terramorphous the Invincible

Trade for the best possible price.

Link1207's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:483 / 1255 (38%)
Gamerscore:822118 / 1152435 (71%)
Achievements:30264 / 43874 (68%)

Link1207 needs to unlock 10 more achievements to reach 69%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1764