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Link1207 736548

  • Games Played: 1157
  • Achievements: 27919

Registered: 7 Aug 2017 at 02:35 pm

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Link1207's Uncommon Achievements

Win the game and do not lose more than 1 token.

A mother always protects her children.



Remember to turn off your candle while you are hidden.

Spread the blue fire as much as possible.

Play ''Capture the Infinity Stone'' in 'Grandmaster Mode'

Activate dance mode and make 5 characters dance



You successfully traded with another user.

Host your first multiplayer game.



Survive underwater for over a minute.

Your candle is not THAT powerful

Get a 100% Completion on a Map.

Ignite all the fire spots throughout the adventure.

Aquaria Towers: Destroy every Roboshark

Hurricos: Defeat every robot in the level

Defeat 20 Shark Army goons as Lord Garmadon in one session

Achieve Gold Medal status on each Challenge Dojo

Defeat Dojo Masters - Acronix and Krux

Defeat Dojo Master - General Kozu

Defeat Dojo Master - General Cryptor

Play each game mode in the Ninjago Battle Arenas

Use every powerup in the Ninjago Battle Arenas

Idol Springs: Do not feed the Hungry Idol any red fish

Glimmer: Light 6 gem lamps in 15 seconds

Gnasty's Loot: Collect all gems in the level

Gnasty Gnorc: Have Gnasty Gnorc run 5 laps around his level

Twilight Harbor: Destroy 6 gears in Twilight Harbor

Gnorc Cove: Complete the Gnorc Cove without killing any Rats

Link1207's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:410 / 1157 (35%)
Gamerscore:736548 / 1043085 (70%)
Achievements:27919 / 40659 (68%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1484