Level 2

Link1207 821408

  • Games Played: 1255
  • Achievements: 30220

Registered: 7 Aug 2017 at 02:35 pm

Last Scan: 19 Jul 2019 at 10:43 am

Link1207's Uncommon Achievements

Complete The Final Test unspotted. Kill only Jasper Knight, ensuring his body is not found.

Assassinate Targets with Ballistic, Accident and Explosion Kills.

As a Soldier, Vanquish 2 Players using a single ZPG strike

Smash a friend’s face on a billboard and beat their jump distance

Beat a friend’s Autolog Recommendation

Unlock a mod for a car in Multiplayer

Dress Up


Unlock All Cosmetic Unlocks

Play a full match in Uncomfortable Mode

Stick 2 Sticky Bombs to a single player

Clear the stage of blocks in the Dining Room

KO a player with a chain reaction involving at least 2 Potions Bombs

Land in the bowl found in the Living Room

Get a KO with a Rocket volleyed at least 2 times

Remove the entire tower from the Nook

Tilt the Big Duck to the side in the Bathroom

Survive when left with a single closed box in the Attic

KO a player holding a Cotton Sword with a Cotton Sword

Have a player inside each wooden house in the Garden

Win three Ranked Matches of X or X’ Mode.

Be the first car in the queue at a train crossing

No Fear


Ride in a helicopter during a thunder storm

Use a car, train and helicopter in the same mission

Get off a train at the same station you got on after completing a lap of the track

Earn a grade A rating by completing a time trial

Complete 5 missions during the day

Complete a mission with "The Boss"

Gained 50,000 teamscore overall in the game

Completed Tournament (inlcuding Gauntlet) with 2 players

Equip all Gear slots with Superior or High-end Items.

Link1207's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:483 / 1255 (38%)
Gamerscore:821408 / 1152435 (71%)
Achievements:30220 / 43874 (68%)

Link1207 needs to unlock 54 more achievements to reach 69%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1737