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Moat Carp 510914

  • Games Played: 784
  • Achievements: 19767

Registered: 2 Feb 2016 at 02:16 am

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Moat Carp's Uncommon Achievements

Completed a squad story for the first time.

One of your classes was promoted to Elite status.

Developed the Hafen into a heavy tank.

Completed 10 missions without anyone in critical condition.

Completed Chapter 4, and won the battle of Siegval.

Completed the Comrades quest with all four characters.

Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game

Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females

Complete a mission with "The Boss"

Defeat ARK's first three Ultimate Life Forms.

Defeat ARK's third Ultimate Life Form.

Defeat ARK's second Ultimate Life Form.

Defeat ARK's first Ultimate Life Form.

No Fear


Ride in a helicopter during a thunder storm

Earn a grade A rating by completing a time trial

Get off a train at the same station you got on after completing a lap of the track

Complete 5 missions during the day

Be the first car in the queue at a train crossing

Level one of your dinosaurs to the maximum level.

Reach the highest mountain peak of the ARK.

Reach the bottom of the ARK's oceans.

Win a game as a recon character

Use a car, train and helicopter in the same mission

Moat Carp's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:452 / 784 (57%)
Gamerscore:510914 / 669605 (76%)
Achievements:19767 / 26235 (75%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:2028

Time tracked since:26 Jan 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:87 days 11 hours