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  • Games Played: 758
  • Achievements: 19338

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Moat Carp's Uncommon Achievements

Reached Speaker rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Reached Silencer rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Reached Assassin rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Reached Journeyman rank in the Fighters Guild

Reached Eliminator rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Reached Slayer rank in the Dark Brotherhood

Reached Apprentice rank in the Fighters Guild

Provide close-range aerial support to wipe out hostile ground forces.

Weave through a hostile fleet's defense and rescue the hostage.

Eliminate your enemies to open a path for your allies.

Kill 80 enemies using Bullet Explosions

Completed Mission 4 as Contractor or higher.

Completed Mission 5 as Contractor or higher.

Kill 50 enemies who are swarmed while playing as Jackie

Completed Mission 6 as Contractor or higher.

Take down 3 hostiles in a row with an assault chain.

Wipe out hostile ground forces with ASM.

Complete all missions with the Partner AI.

Kill 10 enemies while they use zip lines or are rappelling. (campaign only)

The children's reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than your eyes to see it.

Max out 3 of Jackie's Talent Trees

Complete three chapters in a row without being killed or reloading a checkpoint.

Complete any chapter with 60%+ accuracy without dying or reloading a checkpoint.

Singleplayer: Get 7 headshots in a row with any weapon except the long range sniper rifle.

In the Chicago History Museum level, completely destroy the Brachiosaurus or the T-Rex



Purchase all skills in all categories.

Defeat all the National League teams

Take at least one photo in every research group.

Complete any instrument career on Expert (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums or Band)

Complete the Main Campaign on Normal difficulty or above.

Complete Chapter 2 in Chris' campaign.

Defeat 5 enemies in a row with pogo jump without touching the ground

Moat Carp's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:429 / 758 (56%)
Gamerscore:484984 / 641590 (75%)
Achievements:19338 / 25732 (75%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1989

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Total time played:87 days 11 hours