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MURD3RS GIRL's Rare Achievements

As Ymir, hit 50 basic attacks on enemies who are effected by Frost Bite in a single match.

Destroy a tower before 8 minutes in Conquest or Siege.

Healed gods other than yourself for more than 10,000 health.

As Artemis stun three or more enemy gods with Calydonian Boar in one deployment.

As Artemis cripple twenty five enemy gods with Transgressors Fate.

Kill a player with an environmental hazard.

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of D.va's Self Destruct in Quick or Competitive Play.

Have a Paladins account over 1 year old

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb ten times

Fulfill the Grand Soul Orb five times

Kill an enemy champion after they had already killed you.

A vote for the Alliance was one well placed, completing the voyage will give you a taste.

Awarded for earning highest rank "Frenzy Fanatic" in game.

I looked up the solution for this challenge while in snapped mode...

Complete all Tutorial and Campaign missions.

Upgrade the luminous robe to maximum level.

Complete star challenges for each of the floors.

Reach 150m distance in the dungeon.



Find 25% of the available words in a level.

Complete Vanaar by the end of Sol 5 (in campaign mode at Normal difficulty or higher)

Had 350 colonists in Azara Falls by the end of Sol 5 (campaign mode, Normal difficulty)

Win a campaign mission on Insane difficulty

Won 5 referendum elections in a row with at least 90% of the vote

Complete the Wizard Lord Special Mission

Win all Tracks on any difficulty

Complete the Short-Lived Special Mission

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Completed Games:209 / 631 (33%)
Gamerscore:278322 / 516570 (53%)
Achievements:12643 / 22093 (57%)

MURD3RS GIRL needs to unlock 171 more achievements to reach 58%.

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Ultra Rare:889

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