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  • Achievements: 13011

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MURD3RS GIRL's Rare Achievements

Upgrade your lamp to the highest level possible.

Upgrade your backpack to the highest level possible.

Upgrade your armor to the highest level possible.

Sell $10,000 worth of resources.

Upgrade your pickaxe to the highest level possible.

Kill an enemy with its own projectile.

Executioner and Enchantress were defeated.

Kill two enemies with one crushing rock.

Collect 15 resources with your Hook Shot.

Travel a distance of 100 tiles horizontally without touching the controls.

For completing all levels with 3 stars



For collecting all trophies

Daredevil was unlocked as a playable hero.

Black Panther was unlocked as a playable hero.

Speak to Xavier while playing as Magneto.

Answered 20 Trivia Questions Correctly In A Row

The evil Mandarin was crushed by the forces of good.

Kill 15 enemies with a single laser beam

Kill 8 zombies with a single sniper rifle bullet in defense mode

Kill 70 enemies with flamethrower in one night in defense mode

Survive 10 nights without taking any damage

Survive night 7 or higher using chainsaw only

Survive night 9 or higher using mines only

Have 25 enemies frozen at the same time in defense mode

Survive night 7 or higher using grenades only

Destroy the colony as the Alien Ravager

Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy drink and painkiller overdose.

Complete the quest "The Goblin Leader."

Level up a piece of equipment to its maximum level.

Complete the quest "A Little Friend."

MURD3RS GIRL's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:217 / 651 (33%)
Gamerscore:292777 / 540425 (54%)
Achievements:13011 / 22717 (57%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1001

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Total time played:313 days 4 hours