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MURD3RS GIRL's Uncommon Achievements

The first planet nodule is healed.

Get the killing blow on an enemy god with a Basic Attack while playing a Guardian.

Win an Arena match where your team has only 20 tickets or less remaining.

Defeat 2000 enemies with the Crossbuster

Complete a mission with at least two people remaining.



Play 5 games with the Tech fleet.

Even a Pirate wants job recognition, so buy a Promotion to show your position.

Listen to all dialog from the Wizard and the Shopkeepper

A Pirate once said that when you are sinking, playing some music is more helpful than drinking.

Use an active ability 50 times.

Use an active ability 10 times.

Beat Xerberus, the three-headed hound!

Upgrade a legendary wand to maximum level.



Beat the Prince on 80th floor.

Beat the Royal Jelly on 70th floor.

Beat the Lard Corpse on 60th floor.

Beat the Ballistic Gel on 50th floor.



Beat the Goblin on 40th floor.

Beat a stage with only 1 health remaining.

Collect 2000 coins in endless mode.

Survived for 50 sols in any mission

Use 2500 letters in endless mode.

Fill the entire board with duplicator tiles.

Purchase 100 merchant items in endless mode.

MURD3RS GIRL's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:209 / 634 (32%)
Gamerscore:279262 / 519985 (53%)
Achievements:12662 / 22194 (57%)

MURD3RS GIRL needs to unlock 211 more achievements to reach 58%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:905

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