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  • Games Played: 986
  • Achievements: 12430

Registered: 8 Apr 2015 at 09:19 pm

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NUFC Shifty's Rare Achievements

Equip a legendary Helmet and Body Armor at the same time

Complete 250 missions or multiplayer games.

Complete 200 missions or multiplayer games.

Win a game as a defensive character

Be the first one to defeat an enemy in a multiplayer match.

Pony Up


Spend $5000 across all shops.

Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg).

Complete a Companion Activity in each camp.



Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Dirt Racing Series.

Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Cross Country Series.

Golden Axe Games - Collect 200 magic

Craft 30 unique items in Story Mode.

Land a with a Scorpion when you are airborne

Hunt and kill 10 enemies while Perception is active

Qualify for the UEFA Champions League last 16

During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)

Fully upgrade all Festival sites.

Create or Join a Rocket League Club

Reach the top 10 without killing anyone.

Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy drink and painkiller overdose.

Earn the International Rally R-1 licence

Earn the International Off-Road C-3 licence

Earn the International Rally H-C licence

Kill all enemies while escaping from the collapsed building

Finish three sectors of a Stage with a flat tyre

Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage Event



Destroy twenty vehicles by ramming them.

Get 5 stars in any fireworks display

Evade or Block a homing-weapon 3 times in a Race

Freeze an opponent with Ice from at least 100 meters away

Hit 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with a Swarm attack

Beat Arcade mode without using any continues.

Complete 150 missions or multiplayer games.

Air Assassinate twenty enemies from a zipline.

Halo CE: Beat the par time on The Pillar of Autumn.

Collect 4,000 campaign or playlist medals.

Set a KPA on fire by shooting a gas vent.

Drive the motorbike 50 meters above sea level.

Reach the sniper perch without being detected in Ambush.

Request Stiles to toss you grenades 15 times.

Request Turner to toss you ammo 20 times.

NUFC Shifty's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:26 / 986 (2%)
Gamerscore:233558 / 955195 (24%)
Achievements:12430 / 42499 (29%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:319

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:153 days 2 hours