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Pablopictures's Common Achievements

Achieve more than 7 straight victories in SURVIVAL MODE.

Achieve 1 round perfect. (No damage victory)

Gather yarn balls and trade them to the cats in the Gift Shop.

Earn some gems, go to the Gift Shop and free a prisoner.

Complete the story's opening sequence in any mode.

Complete Insane difficulty on Stage 06

Complete Matthias's Search for Knowledge story.

Complete a mission, contract, or stronghold with an uncommon javelin rarity.

Met the Lord Inquisitor. An unwavering kind of guy. You definitely wouldn't want to be his enemy.

Met Snake. He seems dangerous. You get why everybody calls him Snake.

Met Ms Charm. There's something about this woman that you can't understand.

Complete the mission to create the scanner gadget.

Escape from Egypt in the time machine.

Stop the hometown invasion in Basic Training.

Eat some of Mrs. Beakley's delicious treats.

Defeat Big Time Beagle using your noggin

You played a videogame with a friend.



You almost took to the skies.

Complete a level without taking damage.

Complete a level without visiting siderooms.

Complete a level without shooting.

You haven't used March Speed Up 10 times.

Pablopictures's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:64 / 1097 (5%)
Gamerscore:411746 / 1095788 (37%)
Achievements:19004 / 45811 (41%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:728

Time tracked since:18 Jul 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:30 days 1217 seconds

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