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  • Games Played: 1610
  • Achievements: 17184

Registered: 21 Sep 2016 at 02:27 am

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Patriot65108's Rare Achievements

Create a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.

Scan your Phantom Shift duplicate with your Psychoscope.

Download and host a game of user-created levels.

Play and rate 10 user-created levels.

Blast yourself as an object for at least 20 meters while in normal gravity.

Mimic (20) or more unique objects.

Use Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.

You found Dr. Calvino's secret stash.

No Show


You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.

Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat



Finish a District without triggering an alarm

Find at least one of each collectible item

Perform a Constrictor Harness takedown



Decipher an Übercommander's location using the Enigma Machine

Beat the game on "Bring 'em on!" difficulty or higher

Complete HMS Gryphon without taking Damage

Kick It


Kill Hitler during the Aerostat Audition

Completed Sams house only breathing in 15 times

Acquire all 4 Fishing Rods (Campaign only).

Complete all Hunting & Fishing Challenges (Campaign only).

Spend $50000 in Vehicle Shops (Campaign only).

Successfully complete 10 featured Arcade maps in Solo or Co-op (Arcade only).

Play the 'Arcade Hero' mode 5 times (Arcade only).

Reach level 20 in the Arcade (Arcade only).

Kill 100 enemies in Arcade Multiplayer maps (Arcade only).

Kill 5 enemies with sabotaged vehicles (Campaign only).

Destroy 10 planes while driving any aerial vehicle (Campaign only).

Drop a bomb from a plane and destroy or disable 4 vehicles at once (Campaign only).

Using rocks or cans, distract 15 enemies (Campaign only).

Complete The Valley Of The Yetis Campaign (Valley Of The Yetis).

Kill 5 Yetis (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

Kill A Yeti (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

Complete All Relay Station Upgrade Quests (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).



Complete One Relay Station Upgrade Quest (Valley Of The Yetis, Single Player Only).

Defend The Relay Station And Survive The First Night (Valley Of The Yetis).

Occupy The Relay Station (Valley Of The Yetis).

Distract 15 enemies with rocks (Campaign only).

Have a kingdom power of at least 1 Gold Star



Reach PvP tier 5 in a single week.

Swap out a stunt for another of your choosing using Stunt Swap Blueprint

Patriot65108's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:199 / 1610 (12%)
Gamerscore:348997 / 1238245 (28%)
Achievements:17184 / 53441 (32%)

Patriot65108 needs to unlock 452 more achievements to reach 33%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:419

Time tracked since:14 Sep 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:18 days 1 hour