Level 1

Ped Sann BR 270519

  • Games Played: 644
  • Achievements: 10985

Registered: 23 Aug 2017 at 12:24 pm

Last Scan: 17 Oct 2018 at 10:28 pm

Ped Sann BR's Ultra Rare Achievements

Get 3 stars at a Danger Sign in a vehicle from the Trucks Car Type.

Finish 40 different Horizon Story chapters.

Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Drag Racing Series.

Reveal the statue of Saint Martin

Invoke the lady of the lake

Complete a request for the first time in Gauntlet Mode.


Awarded for winning the League, UEFA Champions League and League Cup in a [Master League] season

Awarded for becoming a national team manager in [Master League]

Awarded for winning the League Title in any of the Top Leagues featured in [Master League]

Awarded for moving teams in [Master League]

Awarded for defeating COM in the [AFC Champions League]

Got match data against COM in VERSUS Mode

Awarded for defeating COM in the [UEFA Europa League]

Awarded for obtaining Silver in all [Expert] level Skills Training

Awarded for obtaining Silver in all [Advanced] level Skills Training

Scored in open play from 35m or more (excluding Set Pieces)

Complete the Porsche Bucket List



Superstar - Win the Founders' Trophy

Perform an 8-second glide in the “Rooftop Run” episode in one try.

Complete 5 Horizon Rally events in Rivals mode.

Earn a Medal in 146 different cars!

Earn a Medal in 14 different Ferraris.

Earn a Medal in 14 different cars worth at least 1 million Cr.

You have brought chaos upon the Two Lands

Help Astarte become the new ruler of Egypt

Killed Ahmosis I, Master of the Two Lands

Managed to make your way to the palace

Give Takharu a full Thebes soldier set

Found the 4 keys and entered the Great City of Thebes

Give the lotus-eater money for his addiction

Ped Sann BR's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:134 / 644 (20%)
Gamerscore:270519 / 642640 (42%)
Achievements:10985 / 26265 (41%)

Ped Sann BR needs to unlock 47 more achievements to reach 42%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:470

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