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Plextonn 17466

Last seen 6 days ago using Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 on Xbox 360

  • Games Played: 91
  • Achievements: 978

Registered: 25 May 2015 at 09:27 am

Last Scan: 17 Feb 2019 at 11:10 am

Plextonn's Common Achievements

Complete The Final Test in the Prologue.



Assassinated Jasper Knight with a sabotaged ejector seat.

Complete any Opportunity in The Final Test.

Change your disguise during The Final Test.

Secure 25 sites by exploring every room and killing every zombie.

Travel a distance of 1 mile (1.609 kilometers) on foot

Hit an animal from 50+ meters (55+ yards)

Recruit a new survivor to your community.

Switch to a different survivor when you become fatigued.

Secure 5 sites by exploring every room and killing every zombie.

Deliver a rucksack to your Storage facility.

Deliver a recipe to the Great and Terrifying Ever Peckish

Settle a base in the foothills territory.

Earn enough standing to promote a recruit to citizen.

You caused a commotion while recklessly searching a container.

With the Capstan raised and the sails unfurled, "now bring me that horizon!" a Pirate will yell.

Survive a full day and night on the ARK.

Successfully dribble an opponent by using The Bridge

Complete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team

Perform a quicksub after you concede a goal

Plextonn's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:1 / 91 (1%)
Gamerscore:17466 / 108720 (16%)
Achievements:978 / 4646 (21%)

Plextonn needs to unlock 45 more achievements to reach 22%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:4

Time tracked since:18 May 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:2 days 18 hours

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