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  • Games Played: 338
  • Achievements: 6471

Registered: 29 Dec 2016 at 06:02 am

Last Scan: 18 Jan 2019 at 05:49 pm

PREPATHLETICS's Rare Achievements

Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun

Level up any upgrade or wizard power on any table to level 10!

Earn all stars in a Challenge mode game!

Hit 200 MPH on Nurburgring in a Modern Grand Touring car.

Earn 150 gold medals in Career races.

Earn 100 gold medals in Career races.

Earn a gold medal in a modern Indy Car on Indianapolis Motor Speedway.



Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps.

Complete the stunt scene with Amanda in the Prologue without any MISS or POOR ratings.

Acquire forty articles of clothing.

Complete the "Glory and the Taking of It" quest.

Acquire all upgrades for the Divide's signature weapon.

Heal 10,000 points of damage with food.

Decide the fate of all the Divide dwellers.

Cause 10,000 damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons.

Cause 10,000 damage with Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) Weapons.



Play the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode.

Cause 10,000 damage with Explosives.

Kill more than 20 enemy champions in a single match.

Played a match while in a party.

Kill an enemy champion after they had already killed you.

Kill a player with an environmental hazard.

Land 5 headshots in a row without missing.

PREPATHLETICS's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:44 / 338 (13%)
Gamerscore:138328 / 319255 (43%)
Achievements:6471 / 14484 (44%)

PREPATHLETICS needs to unlock 47 more achievements to reach 45%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:293

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Total time played:7 days 8 hours